Claire's story

I’d had some experience of volunteering and was looking for a new challenge. My son has been through the Criminal Justice System and is currently serving time in prison, which helps me empathize with the challenges that prisoners face on a daily basis and understand the positive impact that volunteers can make.
I volunteer on a number of Sova projects and support a number of clients participate in activities.  In addition, I have looked at ways to introduce new and innovative initiatives – for example, having seen the little personal belongings so many leaving custody own, I introduced a clothes bank. It’s just a small thing but it can make a big difference. One client who was living on the streets had nothing and was able to acquire an entire new outfit, including a thick coat to keep him warm at night. Another of Sova’s clients hated looking down at his feet and seeing the black plimsolls given to him in prison as it brought back so many bad memories – needless to say, he was extremely grateful for the new shoes we were able to provide.

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