Denise's story

I had been very lucky in life; always having food and shelter and people to love me and to love. Like many others, I was on my own personal journey through life, building a career in HR, looking after my family, studying for an MBA and holding down a full time job. 
One day I recalled a family day out in London when my Dad, as usual, stopped to give some money to a homeless man. Being quite young, I asked him “how do you know that he really needs it and why do you give money to everyone that stops you?” My Dad responded, “What if you walked past the man that really did need it and you left him hungry?” As I recalled this conversation a light switched on - if I spent more time concerned with those that need help and less time worrying about my own insignificant problems, then perhaps I would be more fulfilled as a human being. 
As a consequence I changed my career and also began my volunteering journey with Sova. 
The great thing about working for Sova is that we are simply here to help ease the burden of everyday life, pushing down barriers for people who want help to make a difference to their lives. 
I am still busy running a home, I have grown up children and two wonderful grandchildren, I work for the Probation service, which I consider a privilege, but the little ‘me time’ that I have is for Sova.

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