John Leach


King of the spreadsheet, John, is our Area Manager in the Midlands and our Organisational Management Group business lead.

What made you want to work for Sova?
I had worked for employment agencies for eight years and was looking for a change of focus that could build on my experience. I started as an Employment Training Consultant with Sova in 2003.
What do you enjoy about working for Sova?
Having worked for the organisation for many years, the thing I enjoy most is the variety in my role; from managing projects, to bid writing, to strategic planning.
How do you feel the work you do benefits those you work with?
As an Area Manager I no longer work directly with clients so the benefit to the end user is harder to quantify. That said, a lot of my work focuses on new business and securing funding for our projects, which in turn keeps our staff in jobs they love and allows them to continue to provide a service that supports our clients needs.
If you could tell people about the work you do or the impact Sova has, what would you say?
Sova is a national charity that delivers proven interventions to young people and adults. We help them make better life choices and provide them with the tools needed to achieve better outcomes.
What do you think is the single most compelling argument to encourage someone to apply for a job at Sova?
Working with Sova’s clients can be challenging, but to see the change in someone’s life or outlook is immeasurably rewarding.