Kate Weaver


80’s fanatic, Kate, is one of our Project Managers. Her proudest moment with Sova is seeing, first-hand, the positive impact her project’s weekly activity group has on its members, and their enthusiasm to attend.

What made you want to work for Sova?
I was volunteering for Sova whilst studying psychotherapy. Through my volunteering I realised how important it was to provide practical support as well as emotional, and when the opportunity to work with the project arose, I decided to give up my studies and work for Sova instead.
What do you enjoy about working for Sova?
The organisation is really supportive and innovative and you can really tell that the people genuinely care about what they do and those we support. It feels like there is a real chance to make a difference and influence the impact we have - I feel listened to.
How do you feel the work you do benefits those you work with?
Our clients are so often excluded from everyday opportunities. Following their release from prison, to provide a safe and supportive relationship where someone feels accepted and part of their community can help them to realise that they can move forward with their lives.
What qualities do you need to do your job effectively?
Passion, dedication, resilience and good organisational skills.
If you could tell people about the work you do, or the impact Sova has, what would you say?
We work with some of the most excluded people in society to help them feel accepted by their communities and empowered to rebuild their lives.