Martha O'Carroll


As one of Sova’s Volunteer Coordinators, Martha works tirelessly to meet and match our wonderful volunteers.

What made you want to work for Sova?
I wanted to support adults in the criminal justice system. I also wanted to do work that was face-to-face, not just desk based. Sova appeared to be a low profile charity, quietly getting on with doing great work in a difficult field, and held great appeal.
What do you enjoy about working for Sova?
Firstly, I love being able to offer mentors to people who do not necessarily have access to empathetic support from other services. And secondly, meeting so many volunteers who are willing to give their time to help those who are often overlooked, if not demonized, by society.
How do you feel the work you do benefits those you work with?
By matching our volunteers and service users, we are able to provide a different kind of emotional support.
What qualities do you need to do your job effectively?
Being able to build rapport and relationships is crucial as without this it would be impossible to build trust or engagement. It’s also important to have patience and a calm head as things do not always go as planned and often need a quick response. And, boring as it sounds, being organised is key as there are so many different aspects to the role.
If you could tell people about the work you do, or the impact Sova has, what would you say?
It is brilliant to be able to tell a person who feels they have nowhere to turn, that a complete stranger wants to give up their time to help them get back on their feet.
What do you think is the single most compelling argument to encourage someone to apply for a job at Sova?
The variety in the work - working with so many different people; volunteers, service users and other professionals, means that everyday is different and challenging.