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Sova’s role at The One Service is to find, train and support volunteers to help men on release from HMP Peterborough to steer clear of crime. Our volunteer mentors motivate, inspire and challenge the offenders they support to change their lives for the better.

The men we work with have all served sentences of less than 12 months, but many of them have been in and out of prison for years and, for some, prison life is all they have known as an adult. So the consistent support of a friendly mentor as they get used to living back in the community makes a real difference. Our mentors offer support in all aspects of everyday life; with finding jobs or a place to live, with managing money or tackling addictions or simply by offering a listening ear and being around to talk to.








Sova The One Service is funded by Social Finance.

For more information about volunteering for us please contact Emily Wheeler at

This project holds Mentoring and Befriending Foundation Approved Provider Status.

One Service MBF
“Our mentors offer support in all aspects of everyday life...”