At Sova Hull Independent Visitor Service we recruit, train and support community volunteers to provide an Independent Visitor Service to children and young people aged 5 to 17 who are in care.

What you need to know...

An Independent Visitor is someone who is just there for one young person. They are there to talk to about anything that the young person wants and to ensure that the young person’s voice is heard. They can help and give the young person advice, be someone who they can do activities with and offer the opportunity to try something new.


What is an independent Visitor?

Independent visitors are adults who give up some of their free time to support young people who live with a foster family or are in residential care. They are there to be on the young person’s side, they are separate from social services and do not get paid for their time.


Who can have an independent visitor?

Any young person aged 5-18 who is on a full care order, they could be living in a foster placement, with extended family members or in a children’s home. It is always the young person’s choice to have an independent visitor and they must consent to having an independent visitor.


How long can you child or young person have an independent visitor?

Independent visitors are long-term it is the child or young person choice to have a volunteer and many last a number of years. Generally independent visitors visit once a fortnight for up to 4 hours, these visits are arranged between the independent visitor, the carer and of course the young person.


How do we match volunteer and young people?

We look at what the young person likes doing, locations and practicalities but we mostly look at personalities to ensure that we get the right match from the start; our aim is for all relationships to be long-term and enjoyable by both the young person and the volunteer.

Sam says it’s great to have someone to talk to who listens and understands. I’m glad that someone is me.

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