At Sova Support Link we train and support volunteers to become mentors for adults with complex needs, including life-long psychological needs and a history of offending behaviour.

At Sova Support Link we match each service user with one or two volunteers who will support them out in the community. Our service users describe themselves and their volunteers as a HUB. The term HUB means Help Until Better. Our aim is to provide emotional and practical support for those in need of a helping hand.  

 The role of our volunteers is to support and strengthen their service user to live successful lives in their local community.  Our volunteers  help their service user with form filling, attending appointments or even setting up a bank account. As well as practical tasks they encourage them to get involved in sports, hobbies or general areas of interest. Our service users  really enjoy the time spent with their volunteers as many of them have little or no contact with family and friends and are often socially isolated

 All of our volunteers receive Sova’s core training as well as specialist training on Personality Disorder delivered by a qualified psychologist and probation officer.  As well as training, all our volunteers have regular support and supervision form Sova staff. On average the volunteers would meet with their client for approximately 1-2 hours once a week. Sova Support Link is funded by Oxleas NHS and  London Pathways Partnership (LPP). For further information please contact Marquella Wilson.

Sova gives me the ability to go to places I wouldn’t normally go to.

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