What do you enjoy about working for Sova?

I enjoy working with my colleagues.  We are a very strong team.  We all get along so well and support each other at all times. I believe this is what makes a great working environment.  I also love the fact that every day is not the same. I get to travel to all parts of London, meeting clients in probation offices, hostels and prisons.  Working on the LPU wing assessing clients at HMP Brixton is very interesting and this is probably what I enjoy the most. 

How do you feel the work benefits those you work with?  

I have supervised  a large number of dedicated, committed volunteers  over the past 2 years and they many of them have used the experience gained from Sova to further their careers within the probation service, NHS, mental health and the third sector. Sova has created opportunities for volunteers which directly changes their lives for the better.

 Our work benefits our clients as we provide essential support in their time of need. Our clients are usually very isolated and detached from society. We show them ways of how they can lead pro – social lives within their communities. Sova Support Link gives our clients the opportunity to see that they can have a positive future, keeping clear from crime and we show them that we are there to help them build the foundations.

If you could tell people about the work you do or the impact Sova has, what would you say?

I manage a caseload of high risk/high harm offenders with personality disorders who have recently been released from custody - some having served 20 plus years in prison. Transitioning to the outside world can be terrifying for our clients and this is when support is most needed. Our volunteer mentors provide emotional and practical support which can range from going for a coffee and a chat to talk through their problems, to helping our clients apply for jobs, creating CVs, opening bank accounts, acquiring essential photo I.D and enrolling on educational courses. The list is endless. The impact Sova has on our clients is extremely positive and this has been relayed back to us on many occasions. Some of my clients have gone on to college or been given good stable jobs. The most important point is that my clients have not returned to prison.

What is your proudest moment working for Sova? 

My proudest moment working for Sova was my own transition within the organisation. I myself started as a volunteer mentor and after successfully supporting a client, I decided to apply for my current role and got the job. It made me feel so proud to be working for an organisation that really does create opportunities for people.