What do you enjoy about working for Sova?

Working for Sova is not actually like working, you hear the word working and you imagine getting up in the morning and struggling to find the motivation to get ready to graft for most of the day. But working for Sova is the total opposite, it really doesn’t feel like work, I love the fact that all my colleagues are from different walks of life, but are all so similar - we all have similar views and values which makes the work environment positive and productive. Sova really support and look after their staff, I really feel that staff members wellbeing is priority over everything. I feel it’s a privilege to work for Sova.   


How do you feel the work benefits those you work with?

The benefits to people we work with are huge, we may not get through to everyone we work with, but the ones that engage and use our support really change their lives around. Our staff members and volunteers have a massive impact in the individuals we work with, we do not judge, and our approach to every situation is a measured one, we treat everyone as individuals and try our hardest to support our service users in reaching their aims and objectives.


If you could tell people about the work you do or the impact Sova has, what would you say?

The work Sova do is like no other organisation, yes there are similar organisations out there, but the feedback we have had and the results we have produced goes to show our commitment in building better lives and better communities. The impact that Sova has on individuals lives is a very positive one, and it doesn’t finish there, the knock on effect it has to their families and their community is amazing, “not all hero’s wear capes”!


What is your proudest moment working for Sova?

My proudest moment to date would have to be when I was nominated for an award at the staff conference for the value “passion”.  I have tried and will continue to try to change people’s lives in any which way I can, and I have had quite a few proud moments working with Sova, but I have to say that getting nominated for the award “passion” really touched me. The fact my colleagues can see how much I love doing what I do, and can see my passion in my work, goes to show I must be doing something right.