Jo has been supporting 2 service users recently and although one really needed her help, he failed to attend on a number of occasions but Jo always gave him another chance. She even had two consecutive weeks when both service users failed to attend, but she still agreed to meet them!   

The second service user has required intensive support, with Jo accompanying him to GP appointments, sorting out a bank account and helping him with debts.  I feel she has demonstrated huge amounts of passion regarding the support he received from a local drugs and alcohol service.  There was a change in keyworker which meant our service user had been waiting for an appointment, but Jo kept chasing them until she secured an appointment for him.  She also challenged the contradictory information given to our service user by the drugs and alcohol service which had the potential of affecting his motivation. 

She has been relentless in her support for our service user and this has now come to fruition with him being prescribed drugs to facilitate his recovery from substance addiction.  She has been incredibly proactive in supporting him with his debts and opening a new bank account, meaning bank fees have been eliminated.   Jo embraces Sova’s values and I know her genuine interest in her service user shines through which has been acknowledged by his Case Manager.  I really appreciate her support and I know our service user is very grateful for the time and patience she has shown him. 

Thanks Jo & well done!