Nicola is a volunteer for HLNY Mentoring project and her passion shone through before she was even matched, so much so that I matched her on the day I completed all her recruitment checks!  I matched her with a service user who had a big list of support requirements, the primary one being housing following the breakdown of his relationship.  He was living in temporary accommodation which was really unsuitable for his health problems.  She sought out multiple options for him and coordinated a visit to CAB to find out his legal position.  She then followed this up with more meetings to the Council, however, when it became apparent they may not help, she encouraged him to find alternative (private) accommodation.  We were able to support him by applying to Vicars Relief Fund, who kindly gave him the deposit.  Nicola’s passion has made such a difference to our service user who is now living in his own self-contained home which is more suitable to his needs.  He is extremely ‘chuffed’ with the support Nicola gave him and I agree she did an amazing job