What do you enjoy about working for Sova?

 I started as a Volunteer with Sova and knew immediately that I wanted to be affiliated with them. They inspired me to change my Job and start a new journey of my own.

I love that I get up every day knowing that in my own small way I make a difference. It feels good to know my contribution supports people and helps build stronger communities.

How do you feel the work benefits those you work with?

As frontline staff I get to see the huge impact it has on SOVAs service users. We support people in making wiser decisions for themselves. We support people in practical areas such as housing and accessing appropriate benefits, but we also support people when they feel that no one else will. Nobody ever got by in life without someone else’s help and that is never truer than for the people our projects support.

If you could tell people about the work you do or the impact Sova has, what would you say?

WOW interesting, how would I tell people what we do? I would simply say Sova is an organisation that values people, an organisation that sets a new example and higher standards. The staff and volunteers care deeply about what we do and it is evident in every action we take. We help those that need helping in any way that we can and we do it in a fair way.

What is your proudest moment working for Sova?

I’m proud every day, I feel proud to say I am part of Sova but if I had to pick one thing out of the plethora? It would be the day I watched a volunteer and service user stand together at our conference and talk about their journey. The highs and lows. They both became very emotional and there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It’s humbling to hear stories of people overcoming life’s hurdles, it’s fantastic when they achieved it with the support of a volunteer from Sova. Our volunteers are integral to us and inspire me with their commitment and ideas every day.