Chris was referred to Sova for mentoring support as he suffered from anxiety and needed support with his housing and social inclusion. Chris was very isolated and didn’t like going out, he stopped going to his gaming club and couldn’t even walk to his local shop as he feared people would recognise him for his offence.

Chris stated that before he started working with Sova he was a ‘nervous wreck’ he would meet with his mentor in the car park and they would walk to Costa Coffee together then after a few sessions he was able to meet his mentor outside the coffee shop, and then over time he was able to venture out into the town centre. Chris really wanted to get his own place so he could be more dependent. His mentor was able to get him an appointment at the council to discuss his housing situation and within three weeks Chris was offered a 1 bedroom flat which he is really happy with.

Chris has got himself a little kitten to keep him company and his flat is almost fully furnished. Chris has now started to socialise again and has set up his own gaming club where people would come and play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’. Chris stated that ‘because of his mentor he was able to do it’. The mentor also helped him with his budgeting as he spent most of his money on games which he has now reduced significantly. Chris has also signed up to a business course and a writing group. Chris still struggles with his anxiety and has recognised that he need to continue taking his medication.

Chris stated he ‘would recommend Sova to anyone’