Jonathon was referred for mentoring support due to a number of debts, help with Dyslexia, isolation from his family and lack of employment.  Although he is now sober and has been for a number of months, Jonathon has accrued a number of debts due to his Dyslexia which prevents him from being able to read his mail and budget properly.  This was deemed the most important issue to deal with as shortly after our meeting, he received a Bailiff’s warrant.

We applied for a suspension of the warrant which was successful and therefore stopped a lot of stress for Jonathon.  He has a number of priority and non-priority debts and it was important due to his limited income that any help or solutions did not over-stretch him.   We contacted all outstanding creditors and advised he was not in a position to offer payment but had sought expert help from Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) debt advisors.

Some creditors were really helpful and suggested schemes they offer which could reduce or erase his debt with them and we duly completed the paperwork and sent it with supporting documentation. The CAB debt advisor gave guidance on which debts needed to be paid first and which ones could be reduced to a minimal amount.  We are currently working on a budget plan to pay off existing debts whilst setting up new payment plans for utilities and Council Tax to prevent future problems.  We even managed to request a foodbank voucher to help with the transitional phase of Jonathon paying bills he isn’t used to.

Jonathon feels it would be beneficial to have a visible yearly planner so that he can mark when his payments need to be made, so we are currently working on that.  Once his debts have been sorted and he is happy with his budget planning, I will look at future support that can be given to him via Dyslexia organisations.  We will also look at possibility of helping him set up a Skype account to resume contact with his family.  When he is well enough we will also look at employment options.