Sara moved to the UK 6 years ago and has lived in Powys for 2 years. In Hungary she was a professional and passionate history teacher however she didn’t feel she was able to continue her profession in her home country and decided to move to the UK with the aim of learning English and teaching in this country.

Since living in the UK Sara has found the transition much harder than expected, she realised she would be unable to get a teacher job straight away so was happy to settle for factory work in the meantime. She had not realised the lack of English spoken in the factories she worked in and therefore had very little opportunity to practice her conversational English and has felt that this has prevented her from getting many teaching interviews and those she has secured, have never been successful.

Sara started to receive support from Sova and we have spent time slowly building up her confidence. Sara has gone from never leaving the house to volunteering twice a week, attending college twice a week and attending a local history group once a week all of which is bringing her conversational English skills on leaps and bounds.

As well as this Sara has received support to have her teaching qualification recognised by the British teaching board so she is now registered as a teacher in the UK. Sara has continued to go for interviews which has provided her with valuable interview practice and has recently decided to apply for part-time jobs rather than go into teaching now as she feels she is benefiting so much from the English college course and in the long run this will make her a better, more confident teacher.