Zayne has been living in the care of the local authority since the age of 6 years old.  Initially in foster placement and finally in residential care.  Zayne is now 13 years old.  At all times Zayne has had regular contact with his birth family and it remains his wish to be reunited with them on a permanent basis.

A Sova advocate met with Zayne at a monthly advocacy clinic at the residential home.   Zayne explained his wishes and feelings to the advocate and his frustration at having limited contact with his family.  The advocate offered to support him to express his feelings to his social worker at his looked after child review.  At the review, the social worker gave every indication that over-night stays could begin within a short time.  Zayne was thrilled with the news and the case was concluded.

However, one month later, the advocate met with Zayne again at the advocacy clinic.  Staff advised the advocate that Zayne was refusing to attend school.  The advocate spoke to Zayne and asked if he needed any support.  Zayne said that the over-night stays had not commenced as promised.  The advocate offered to make enquiries.  It transpired that the social worker had omitted to finalise the paperwork – the advocate therefore supported Zayne to make a formal complaint regarding the undue delay taken in making arrangements.  Within two days of the complaint going in, Zayne was able to stay the night with his birth family.