This project will involve you being matched with an ex-offender in the community, providing practical support and a listening ear with the goal of helping someone move forward in their life

Commitment: 2 hours a week 

We are looking for volunteer mentors across the South Yorkshire region to support service users on a one-to-one basis on our Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) contract.

Having a criminal record can create many obstacles and close many doors. Suddenly getting a job, finding somewhere to live, joining a new social group and developing new personal relationships have become considerably more difficult. This can have a huge impact on a service user’s self-esteem and has the potential to prevent someone from trying to progress with their life. You could provide much needed support to help a service user overcome the obstacles faced and to plan towards creating a brighter and more positive future.

You could be the one who was there to listen and offer encouragement. You could be the one that always tried to help and put their interests first. You could be the one who made that key difference.


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Natasha Langford e: [email protected] m: 07824 362 502