Independent Visitors (IVs) support children and young people who are looked after by the local authority and have little contact with family. Our IV’s provide consistent long term supportive relationships.

Commitment: One visit monthly 

Opportunity detail:

For many children and young people, living in care can be unsettling. Having someone there just for them can make all the difference. That someone could be you.

As an Independent Visitor you will meet with the child or young person on a monthly basis and have an activity based visit; this could be going out for food and a chat, swimming, bowling, walking or just sitting in a park for a picnic. It’s not all about the activity, it’s about just being there, someone for the young person to talk to and who listens to them about any issues or worries they might have.

You will be matched you with a child or young person who needs a little extra support and encouragement; sometimes because they have little or no contact with their own families. As a volunteer you are someone ‘totally independent’ in their life, distinct from the professionals paid to support them.

It makes a real difference to a young person to know they have someone who is on their side, who has chosen to be there for them.

In return, you will gain valuable experience, skills and a sense of achievement, as a well as ongoing training, supervision and support.


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