The CFO3 Project operates across the East Midlands – Derbyshire, Leicestershire & Nottinghamshire - We work one to one with adult ex-offenders in the community

Commitment: One morning or afternoon per week 

Role Description: 

The Sova CFO3 Mentoring - East Midlands project identifies adult ex-offenders who need and want support from mentors – people who are prepared to meet them and provide guidance and support on a regular and ongoing basis. Many of our clients have recently been in prison and may require some extra help to adjust and find their way positively in society.

Mentoring can take many forms, but nearly always is based on developing a one to one relationship between mentee and mentor. Overall it is a relationship that can make a positive impact on the life of someone who is potentially socially excluded and requires support to achieve their goals and integrate back into the community.
As a volunteer mentor with Sova you will be valued and supported. Accredited training will be provided and all your client involvement will be supervised by experienced Sova staff. If you have a genuine interest in helping people change and live more fulfilling and happier lives then please think about this opportunity. It can be incredibly rewarding


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Tracy Parry - [email protected]