The Sova Engage Project is delivered in Derby to offer a child or young person the opportunity to have a mentor to support them 1:1.

Important Note:

Sova will be merging with our parent organisation, Change, Grow, Live (CGL) before the end of March 2019. Therefore whilst your application to be a volunteer may initially be processed by Sova, due to the merger timetable you may have your volunteer application approved and processed by CGL.  All details regarding the role of volunteer and the terms offered by Sova however will be maintained therefore the terms you have applied for in relation to this advert will remain post merger. During the recruitment process you will be offered the opportunity to consent to becoming a volunteer with CGL in line with the change of employer name.

Commitment: A commitment of 3 hours per week / minimum and up to 12 weeks (can sometimes be extended by up to another 12 weeks)

Opportunity detail:

The role of a Sova children and young person’s volunteer mentor is to build a goal focused relationship with a service user; aiming to support them to achieve measurable outcomes. Mentors are usually matched to a service user according to a variety of considerations such as their availability, skills or interests. The mentor will be introduced to the young person on an initial home visit where ideas for the mentoring sessions are discussed. This can include things like supporting the young person to attend an activity, go to a prearranged appointment with another organisation. The role has an element of responsibility to report regularly on all meetings and contact as outlined by the project. You will need to be available after school hours, evenings or weekends, to be able to manage session budgets, get around using public transport or your own car, have a sense of fun to be able to try new activities with your young person and have bags of enthusiasm.


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