Mentors on the Sova NOMS CF03 project are at the heart of what we do. They give up some of their spare time to support offenders and ex-offenders in order to rehabilitate and reintegrate them back into the community, addressing the support needs of each individual. 

Important Note:

Sova will be merging with our parent organisation, Change, Grow, Live (CGL) before the end of March 2019. Therefore whilst your application to be a volunteer may initially be processed by Sova, due to the merger timetable you may have your volunteer application approved and processed by CGL.  All details regarding the role of volunteer and the terms offered by Sova however will be maintained therefore the terms you have applied for in relation to this advert will remain post merger. During the recruitment process you will be offered the opportunity to consent to becoming a volunteer with CGL in line with the change of employer name.

Commitment: Minimum 1 hour a week excluding travel

Role description: 

For many of the individuals we work with either in custody or in the community, someone to support them change their lifestyle and stop reoffending is crucial. That someone could be you!

As a mentor you would be matched with an individual either in custody or in the community. This will be on a weekly or fortnightly basis dependant on their needs. In the community you could meet in coffee shops, libraries, cafés or any other public place that suits you and the mentee.

As a volunteer mentor you could be supporting the mentee with various support needs. For example, supporting benefit claims, support in gaining employment, substance misuse guidance and support, mental and physical wellbeing support and many other support needs.

For the mentee you could potentially be the only consistent person in their life and you will be the person they look up too. You are their role model to empower and enable them to steer clear of crime.

In return you will gain valuable experience, skills, knowledge as well as a sense of pride. You will also receive continuous training and continuous support from each and every co-ordinator on project.


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