A Sova Project that aims to support parents and carers to enable their children to flourish at home and before they start school

Important Note:

Sova will be merging with our parent organisation, Change, Grow, Live (CGL) before the end of March 2019. Therefore whilst your application to be a volunteer may initially be processed by Sova, due to the merger timetable you may have your volunteer application approved and processed by CGL.  All details regarding the role of volunteer and the terms offered by Sova however will be maintained therefore the terms you have applied for in relation to this advert will remain post merger. During the recruitment process you will be offered the opportunity to consent to becoming a volunteer with CGL in line with the change of employer name.

Commitment: Up to 2 hours per week 

Opportunity detail:

Are you looking for the chance to make a difference to the lives of children, young people and families? Would you like to be part of a service that aims to support parents and carers to enable their children to flourish at home and before they start school? If you answered yes then this could be the opportunity for you.

The passionate Cgl/Sova staff team in Walsall deliver a range of services including:

·         0-19 Early help/Family Support Provision

·         Parenting Programmes

·         PEEPS / Targeted Stay and Play Sessions

·         Oral / Dental Hygiene

·         Employment and Training Advice

·         Antenatal Parent Education Classes

·         Health Interventions(e.g. smoking cessation, healthy eating, breastfeeding support, toilet training, Healthy Start Vitamins)

·         Speech and Language Support

·         Baby Clinic

·         Weekend and School Holiday Activities

·         Trips and Outings

What are Sova looking for ?:

The role of a Volunteer mentor is an exciting and challenging opportunity for anyone who wishes to offer intensive support to Walsall families alongside existing professionals within integrated childcare, family and health services. We are looking to recruit anyone over the age of 

18 who has a sincere and genuine passion and interest in supporting children, young people and families; someone who can be generous with their time; offer a long term commitment; someone who is friendly, caring, trustworthy and reliable.

We offer full training for this role so no experience is required before applying to this opportunity. We would really like to hear from you if you are interested as our recruitment process is ongoing.

Role and responsibilities:

•Befriending and mentoring for children, young people and families;

•Meet with a child, young person and/or family once a week (variable) within the centre and/or in the community to support with increasing family engagement in activities eg, Stay and Play Sessions

•Identify the needs of and progress new and existing Walsall families to increase access to centre based activities and relevant opportunities though on-going intensive support

•reliability and consistency are vital within this role

Mentors will need to :

·         Be excellent communicators

·         Be non-judgemental and demonstrate empathy for families experiencing financial and social exclusion

·         Be reliable and committed to this role

·         Be flexible and adaptable to changes in Centre provision of services

Need more information? 


Peshva Sharif E: [email protected]  M: 07880 185629

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