Sova’s Trustees and Senior management team have confirmed that agreement has been reached between the two organisations that Sova will be fully merging with our parent organisation Change Grow Live (CGL) by the end of March 2019.

Sova originally became involved in working with CGL by way of subsidiary arrangement in November 2012 but at that time retained its status as a ‘wholly owned subsidiary’ meaning the organisation retained its’ independent charitable status, had its’ own Board of Trustees, management team and separate accounting systems.

The last six years have been largely successful for Sova. However, trading conditions have remained challenging and therefore the Board of Trustees took the decision to go ahead with a full merger of the two organisations with the aim and intention that CGL would seek to preserve all of the projects Sova are currently delivering, but close down Sova as a business.

CGL and Sova will be working closely together over the coming months with the outcome of fully merging the two organisations before the end of March 2019. A detailed transition plan is currently being developed which will include arrangements for Sova staff being directly employed by CGL before the end of March 2019. 

It is hoped that Sova’s current pool of 700 tenacious and dedicated volunteers - and those who are currently being recruited - choose to move across to CGL as part of the merger process.

Questions regarding the merger can be addressed to [email protected]