Sova is a truly values based organisation, and our values are reflected in all that we do. The staff and volunteers we recruit, the quality of our service delivery and the way we work day to day with colleagues, partners and service users reflect these values.

Our four values are:

+ Passion

Sova is passionate about people and is dedicated to making their lives better

+ Integrity

Sova is open, honest and transparent in everything we do

+ Focus

Sova empowers, supports and encourages people to learn and grow from their experiences

+ Fairness

Sova is all embracing and we adapt our services to meet individual needs

We recognise these values regularly through staff and volunteer ‘Values Star Awards’ and recognition, through our supervision and appraisal processes and through promotion of values-based conversations. We expect all our staff and volunteers to reflect the passion, integrity, focus and fairness that we believe make Sova such a special organisation.

You can see how our values drive our behaviour here