Sova work with partners in the public, private and third sector – and most of our referrals will come from statutory services including the Police, the National Probation Service, the Prison Service and Social Services, as well as the now privately run Community Rehabilitation Companies (CRC’s). One of our key success factors is our ability to help our service users to engage with the support services that are available to them – helping them not to fall through the net.

We make sure that, at a local project level, our staff teams and volunteers are linked in to relevant networks and know what support is available for our service users


Dave Webb, the ETE Project and Performance Manager at Birmingham’s Youth Offending Service (YOS) has overseen Sova’s delivery in Birmingham over the past seven years, during which time the Sova team have become an integral part of the Youth Offending Service, with our staff co-located in the 5 YOT’s across the city.

"I have been working collaboratively with Sova for many years, and through a variety of contracts. Throughout this time I have always been impressed with their ethos and approach of ensuring that their delivery model meets the needs of the cohort, and they are very adept at tailoring the funding and contracts awarded, to put young people and what works, at the forefront of their priority.     

Sova’s model of delivery in Birmingham YOS utilises employed paid Mentors who work both one to one and in small groups. Through these interventions the mentors help raise their aspirations and develop their employability, providing really intensive support often tackling a range of complex barriers along the way, to enable the young people to secure work, training or education.

What I have always liked about Sova is the way their staff go the extra mile, as this is often where the difference is made. They don’t give up on our young people easily and the young people really respond positively to this, and Sova have achieved some incredible results.

As an organisation Sova have always been flexible in their support, enabling us as to adapt quickly our contract requirements in response to the needs of the young people. Sova mentors recognise that young people are often in need of a dependable supporter, who doesn’t over promise and assists them to achieve, empowering them to make their own decisions and not be reliant on others. They do not close the door on any young person that they support. This kind of approach is what is needed for our young people.”

I look forward to continuing to work with Sova for the foreseeable future.