Sova Achieving Change through Employment - Monmouthshire

Helping Black, Minority Ethnic and Migrant people in Wales into Training, Volunteering and Employment

Sova ACE is supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government. The ACE project’s overall aim is to enable black and minority ethnic (BAME) and migrant individuals living across Wales to gain sustainable employment. The project focuses delivery of training and employment support to people from BAME and migrant backgrounds to raise their participation and progression in the labour market.  This includes a high proportion of economically inactive BAME and migrant women.
Sova ACE works with Black and Minority Ethnic & Migrant people. This does not only refer to non-white people and we are currently working with people who are:
Portuguese        Welsh               Sri Lankan            
Kurdish               Syrian              Eritrean
Afghani              Angolan          Swedish
Iranian               Thai
Sova ACE refers to 'minority ethnic’ groups to highlight the fact that everyone has an ethnicity and our eligibility rules relate to minority groups in a UK & Welsh context and the discrimination and barriers that they face.

Based on a 1983 House of Lords decision, Sova ACE suggests that an ethnic group is one who has the following features:
  • a long shared history of which the group is conscious as distinguishing it from other groups and the memory of which it keeps alive
  • a cultural tradition of its own including family and social manners, often but not necessarily associated with religious observance
  • a common, however distant, geographical origin
  • a common language and literature   
Are you a Black or Minority Ethnic or Migrant Individual aged over 25 looking for work in Wales?

We would love to talk to you to see if you can benefit from our project.  Please email us at the address below or call us on 02920 221936.

Are you a charity or a public sector organisation operating in Wales?

We need you to support Wales’ Black and Minority Ethnic and Migrant communities by sending referrals to ACE and giving offers of volunteering opportunities to help to get people confident and ready for starting employment.

Referrals to ACE have to meet the following criteria:

1.            From a Black, Minority Ethnic or Migrant background
2.            Be over 25 years of age
3.            Be eligible to live & work in the UK
4.            a) Be unemployed for over 12 months (can be claiming JSA but not on the Work programme)


4.            b) Be Economically inactive (can be claiming ESA, or HB but not JSA) and be either from a jobless household, have qualifications on or below CQFW Level 2, have a work limiting health condition or disability, have care or child care responsibilities or be aged over 54.

If you have someone who you think ACE could help please email us at the address below for a Referral Form or download one from the link below.
Volunteering opportunities can cover all sorts of different activities.  Please let us know what we can help you with by emailing us at the address below.

Are you an employer operating in Wales?

Sova ACE is here for you when you are hiring new staff.  For no cost we will put forward ethnically diverse candidates who we have worked with personally on a one-to-one basis to ensure you have good quality candidates.

Research conducted by CIPD & the Work Foundation sets out the key business benefits for increasing diversity in the work force.  These include:

•Greater access to different perspectives and sources of information
•Greater understanding of customers
•Better communication with customers
•Increased legitimacy
•Improved performance
•Improved employer image
•Improved brand awareness
•Improved ability to respond and change through creativity and innovation
•Innovative approaches to products
•Reflective diversity makes customers feel at home

To let us know you have an employment opportunity we may be able to contribute candidates towards please email us at the address below.

EU funds are having a positive impact on people, businesses and communities across Wales by:

• delivering sustainable economic growth and jobs;
• helping build a thriving and prosperous economy;
• raising skills and helping people into work;
• improving the lives of people and communities across the nation;
• tackling poverty and ensuring equal opportunities for all;
• driving cutting-edge research and innovation for Wales’ global success; and
• boosting business and driving productivity for commercial success.
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