Sova - Connecting Choices

The Connecting Choices project will be working with the most disadvantaged groups furthest away from the labour market across Stoke-on-Trent, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Staffordshire Moorlands. It is a voluntary programme and all advice and support we offer is free of charge.

The programme will support people through a personalised plan to develop the skills and confidence needed to move forward into positive outcomes such as training, education, effective jobsearch, employment or self-employment.

Each participant will have regular meetings with a Personal Coach and opportunities to work with specialist providers to support individuals with complex barriers, including recovering substance misusers, ex-offenders with complex housing needs, young offenders with non-statutory or completed full term offences, people with learning disabilities and difficulties and NEETs etc.

Delivery will be through one-to-one coaching and a combination of one-to-one and group training addressing areas such as applying for a job, preparing for work, workplace rights and responsibilities, personal wellbeing, budgeting and money management, effective communication, healthy lifestyles, skills for independent living, emotional wellbeing and managing personal relationships. 

Sova understands that there are many factors that can affect whether people feel ready to take the next step in their lives and the specialist help and support we can provide could be what an individual needs to reach their full potential.

Connecting Opportunities is supported through the Building Better Opportunities (BBO) programme, which is funded by the Big Lottery Fund and European Social Fund (ESF). BBO is designed to support communities, families and individuals to gain the tools and skills necessary to find and sustain jobs.

To be eligible you must be:

·         Unemployed or economically inactive

·         Aged 19 or older (or young people who are aged 16-29 and who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) and young people aged 15-18 who are NEET or at risk of becoming NEET)

·         Legally resident in the UK and able to take paid employment in EU Member States

Locations we cover:

Stoke-on-Trent: Bradeley & Chell Heath, Burslem Central, Little Chell & Stanfield, Tunstall, Abbey, Hulton & Townsend, Bentilee & Ubberley, Blurton West & Newstead, Etruria & Hanley, Baddeley, Milton & Norton, Fenton West, Mount Pleasant and Meir North 

Newcastle-under-Lyme: Chesterton, Cross Heath, Holditch, Keele, Knutton, Silverdale & Parksite Town 

Staffordshire Moorlands: Biddulph East, Cheadle, Leek North 

For more information about Sova's delivery please contact Victoria Turner on

Tel: 01785 887954

Mob: 07990 568380

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