We match each Service User with a Case Officer and a local volunteer to support them on their journey into Training, volunteering and employment.  We work together to map out a journey that will lead each Participant forward to achieve their goals and we provide practical support in removing barriers that are getting in their way.  We meet Participants in their local area and are experts in understanding the particular needs that people from different communities have.

All of our volunteers are fully trained and supported.  Sova ACE is supported by the European Social Fund through the Welsh Government.  For further information please contact Helen Devitt.  

Kirsty, one of our Case Officers based in Cardiff, has had recent success helping one of her Participants secure work in the retail and transport sector. She helped him to write cover letters when he was applying for jobs and, when he was successful, she helped him to decide which was the right job for him. It was very important to him that he was able to fit work around his family life and Kirsty worked with him to create a good work-life balance. Kirsty also helped his wife to access English classes. She found that by taking a holistic approach, she was able to give both of them the ability to focus on looking for a job.

Kirsty says “it was a great experience to be able to help such a fantastic couple.  They really knew what they wanted and worked with me to make their dreams a reality.  I know that they’d been nervous about accepting support from a charity like us, but they have said that they had such a good experience that they’ll be recommending us to some of their friends.  I couldn’t be more proud of them and it feels really good to know that if they need to find work again in the future, thanks to Sova ACE, they’ll know what to do.”

“If they need to find work again in the future, thanks to Sova ACE, they’ll know what to do.”

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