We strive to reduce re-offending amongst our clients through holistic support and intensive mentoring, tackling wide ranging issues to improve the lives of clients and maximise the chances of rehabilitation.

Our dedicated staff and volunteers, provide intensive support to our clients whether they are in custody or living in the community.  This has been made possible with funding from CFO, hence the project title.  CFO3 stands for Co-Funding Organisation, meaning that our funding comes from European Union monies and the National Offender Management Service.

We take pride in matching our clients to the most suitable form of support. We have specialised staff to deal with young people in custody (16 – 21 years of age), Care Leavers in custody and those clients who typically receive short custodial sentences, often due to their chaotic lifestyles.  We also have a dedicated team of volunteers who work with young people (16+) and adults in a range of Midlands Prisons and Probation Offices. 

Here at Sova we appreciate that the reasons for offending are broad and complex, and for this reason, our staff and volunteers provide intensive support using a range of methods which could include something as simple as an engaging conversation. Or maybe practical support such as attending Probation together or budget planning.  Each client is seen as a person and not an ‘offender’ allowing us to build effective relationships so we can put in place the building blocks for a more positive future.  We know that each client is different and that there may be many underlying issues affecting their rehabilitation.  Typically issues are around mental health, housing, substance misuse, unemployment, lack of confidence etc. We believe that by tackling these underlying issues, we give our clients a fighting chance of staying out of trouble.

Our volunteers receive robust training preparing then to work on this unique contract. Once they have been matched to a client, they receive regular supervisions to check on their welfare and that of their mentees.

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