Sova Hull Mentor provides mentoring support to young offenders, offering their time and activity opportunities in the young person’s local area to help them steer clear of crime. 

What you need to know....

 What is a volunteer?

MENTOR volunteers are adults who give up some of their free time to support young people who are attached to the Hull Youth Justice Service.

 They are there to be on the young person’s side and are separate from the Hull Youth Justice Services and they do not get paid for their time spent with a young person.


Who are the MENTORS?

They are people who live in the local area and want to help support young people who live there too. Lots of different people are volunteers: of all different ages and from different backgrounds.


How long do the MENTOR relationship last?

Mentors will support their young person for eight sessions either on a weekly or fortnightly basis depending on the availability of both.  The sessions can continue after eight weeks have finished but this will be discussed with the volunteer and the case workers should the young person choose to do so. 


What will they do together?

 There will be a plan put in place from the very start and during the eight weeks together they will look at low cost activities such as pool, football in the park or going for a coffee. They could also look at local clubs the young person can join, help with looking for part-time jobs or maybe create a CV.


What else can a MENTOR help with?

The MENTOR provides support to the young person with any meetings they need to attend with Hull Youth Justice. They could help the young person at their panel meetings but mainly help with looking at activities to help them steer away from crime.

The MENTOR can also support the young person with what they want to say, they will ensure, whenever they can that the young person’s views are heard and taken into account.

MENTORS are there to listen and guide the young person and will only discuss issues with Sova if they are worried about the young person ‘safety.

Having someone to talk to, offer you advice and support can make all the difference

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