The project uses Circles of support and accountability to aid sex offenders to re-integrate into society and prevent future reoffending

Men and women who commit sexual offences are the most isolated and stigmatised people in society. They have very little social interaction and find it very difficult to re-integrate into the community. The Circles Project supports these individuals to build positive relationships, to find something meaningful to do with their time, to access services that may help them move forward with their lives and to enable them to build confidence and become fully independent in the community they live in.  

 Each Circle, made up of one core member (offender) and four volunteers, meet up on a weekly basis in a ‘circle of support and accountability’, to monitor their behaviour and support their reintegration into the community. We support them with practical issues such as housing and employment, give them options on problems they may be experiencing, to provide a listening ear when they need it, but also to challenge them on negative thoughts and feelings they may have regarding their sexual offending.

Circles Merseyside works closely with both the Police and National Probation Service, who provide the referrals, to ensure the safety of the volunteers, core members and the wider community.

The project aims to make the community safer by holding to account convicted sex offenders building positive relationships and preventing further offending

This project is funded by: