The Sova South Yorkshire CRC mentoring project is funded by Sodexo and recruits, trains and supports volunteer mentors from the local communities. Staff and volunteers work one-to-one with service users to help them to settle into their local area and fulfil their CRC orders. An order is something given after a criminal conviction has been made, and there are certain requirements that an individual must fulfil to comply.

There are two main streams to our work. Firstly we work with service users in the community by providing practical support such as helping them attend appointments, access the right services in the local area, assisting with application forms, helping them engage with new social groups and hobbies, as well as offering a listening ear. Secondly we support with the release of prisoners from local prisons by providing a gate collection service. This involves meeting with a referred prisoner via legal visits prior to their release and within the last 12 weeks of their sentence. On the day of their release, our volunteers will meet them at the prison gate before taking them to their first appointment or nearest CRC office.

Our work can have a significant impact on the service users we support and our volunteers play an essential role in achieving these positive outcomes. We can assist by offering guidance and support to service users to help them to develop confidence and self-esteem, and to identify their own goals to move towards becoming more socially inclusive. This provides hope for a better future and the chance to move forward in their lives. Volunteers are the heartbeat of Sova, and they are greatly valued by us all on the Sova South Yorkshire CRC mentoring project.

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