Tamara's story*

Tamara was referred to Sova by her Employment Coach. When undertaking an initial assessment with Craig, her Sova Case Worker, Tamara identified that she needed help developing her ICT skills and performing job searches. Tamara also revealed that she lacked belief that she would ever find a job owing to her criminal background. She stated that she felt socially isolated, having been released to a relatively new area, and that her self-confidence had hit rock bottom. 
Craig had just the mentor in mind for Tamara; Eddie, an ex-offender who had secured a job several years ago and was now volunteering to help others do the same. 
Eddie met with Tamara on a weekly basis. Together, Tamara and Eddie were able to review her existing CV and explore how the information could be presented in a clearer format. To help with her ICT skills, Eddie not only found a course for Tamara but also enrolled on and completed the course alongside her, ensuring that she had that extra level of support. 
Whilst Tamara’s confidence and optimism began to grow, she was still sceptical that she would be able to secure work once she had disclosed her offences to a potential employer. Craig and Eddie worked with Tamara to coach her through this, both role-playing the scenario and thinking about how to approach this in her covering letter.  
Through performing a regular job search with Eddie, Tamara grew more confident. Eventually she found an opportunity to apply for and took this back to Eddie, who helped her with the application form. Needless to say, Tamara was delighted when she was offered the job!
Tamara is still working and is thoroughly enjoying the challenge of her role.
* Identities have been changed throughout.