Steven's story*

At our first meeting with Steven, he explained he had lived a life of crime and had repeatedly reoffended. On release, frustrated by this seemingly endless cycle, he was eager to change his life for the better. Nonetheless, whilst the desire was there, he remained frightened and confused as, historically, he’d felt there was nothing out there for him and the pattern had continued.
We spoke with Steven to explain what help Sova could offer and that we could be there to meet him on release and escort him to his first appointment with his Employment Coach. He was very keen and left feeling motivated and grateful for the support.
Upon release, Steven had only the clothes he stood up in. He was placed in a hostel, under the management of his Probation Officer. Sova provided him with a mobile phone, complete with £10 credit, and a bag containing new underwear and toiletries. Steven’s enthusiasm continued but he worried that things were happening too fast and may consequently fall apart. In order to give him extra support, we matched Steven to a volunteer mentor, Troy, who eased his concerns and left him feeling considerably happier.
Being mindful to work at Steven’s pace, Troy worked with him to create an online job profile and CV, as well helping him build his self belief and identify the tools required to cope with everyday life.
An opportunity for a warehouse job arose and Steven was keen to apply, though very apprehensive about taking the numeracy and literacy assessment. Again, Troy helped him prepare for the tests and worked on his confidence levels. Steven sat the test and passed - he was over the moon.
This was Steven’s first ever interview and he was understandably nervous. Steven and Troy spent time working through simple interview techniques and his Employment Coach was able to fund the purchase of a new suit, shirt, tie and shoes. Things were looking up and Steven felt not only more confident and comfortable with the interview process but was actually looking forward to it!
When Troy telephoned Steven he said that his interview had gone more than well - he’d been offered and had accepted the job! Steven was very emotional and couldn’t thank Sova enough for the support he’d received.
* Identities have been changed throughout.