Sova Harrow Independent Visitors

Harrow IV – part of our London Independent Visitors services is in the London Borough of Harrow and aims to provide each young person in care aged 5 to 17 the opportunity to form a positive relationship with an Independent Visitor providing them consistent, long term support. See more here

We match each volunteer independent visitor with a child or young person who needs extra support and encouragement, sometimes because they have little or no contact with their own families. The volunteer is there as someone ‘independent’ in the young person’s life, distinct from the professionals paid to support them. They might take the young person to the cinema or to the park, encourage them to try a new sport or hobby, support them at meetings or simply be there to talk to. It makes a real difference to a young person to know they have someone who is on their side, who has chosen to be there for them.
All of our volunteers are fully trained and supported and are asked to meet with their young person once a month for a couple of hours. For information on how to volunteer contact our Volunteer Recruitment Hub at