Sova London Volunteer Hub

Over the years we have looked at how best to improve the experience our volunteers have with Sova. In 2015 Sova introduced a centralised volunteer hub for London. This has a number of benefits. Volunteers have more choice in what they do; they are more involved in processes and have a voice that reaches all the way to our chief operating officer, Sophie Wilson.

The London volunteer Hub is now the main route for volunteers to find mentoring roles across London with Sova for our two distinct work streams, Resettlement and Rehabilitation & Strengthening Communities.

Our Strengthening Communities services support vulnerable people of all ages- including families - who are considered vulnerable or at risk for a variety of reasons.  These reasons can include social exclusion, matters relating to education and employment, mental health difficulties, substance misuse issues, finding and maintaining appropriate housing and financial problems.  We aim to reconnect individuals and families with their communities and ensure that they are receiving the emotional and practical support to address their needs.

Our Resettlement and Rehabilitation services support adults who are in custody, about to leave custody and/or serving sentences in the community.  Our projects aim to remove the multiple barriers that individuals with convictions can encounter, such as social reintegration, employment and housing.
Additionally to this the hub will provide volunteers with additional workshops and training to build on their skills as well as attendance at participation forums to develop future Sova processes.
To find out more information about volunteering across London, contact our Hub team at: