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Getting used to life after prison is tough for most people.  We are working with Ixion Holdings and HMPPS (HM Prison & Probation Service) to support people who may find it difficult to adjust to living and working back in the community.

At Sova Metro we train and support volunteer mentors to support individuals aged over 16 who have been released from custody or are serving a community sentence.  We work across Staffordshire, Shropshire and the West Midlands to help people lead crime free lives.  Our volunteer mentors are focused on providing the best possible support to help and motivate people to make the right choices and to change their lives for the better. This could be by offering practical advice on finding a place to live, managing money or dealing with health problem, encouraging people to get new skills and qualifications so they can find and keep work or simply by being there as a friendly, reassuring person to talk to at a daunting time.

We are delivering specialist support at HMYOI Brinsford to those service users who have had experience of the care system and those serving short sentences (under 12 months) and we are working with HMYOI Werrington to provide support to young people aged 16 and 17.

All our volunteers receive full training and ongoing support.

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This project holds Mentoring and Befriending Foundation Approved Provider Status.






Funded by European Social Fund